• Sausage Rolls

    Sausage Rolls
    By Stephanie Lambley & Luke BishopInstagram @vegetarianculinarian Ingredients: 2 cup cooked brown rice 2 cup raw walnuts 1 sautéed onion 1 Tbsp chili powder and paprika 1 tsp each salt and pepper  2 Tbsp brown sugar  3 cups cooked black beans  3/4 cup panko bread crumbs  5 Tbsp @culleys hickory sauce  4 sheets flakey pastry  Vegan butter and sesame seeds to top  Method: Blend walnuts...
  • Roast Buddha Bowl

    Roast Buddha Bowl
    By Stephanie Lambley & Luke BishopInstagram @vegetarianculinarian 1 cup cooked brown rice (on the bottom)  1 cup pan fried kale  1/2 avocado  1/2 can of roasted chick peas  8 slices of roasted butternut pumpkin  1/4 block roasted tofu  Wedge of lime  Handful of roasted coconut chips, sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds  Alpha sprouts  Culleys Smoky mayo sauce with black sesame seeds on top!   
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