• Vegan Big Mac

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    Vegan Big Mac
    By Stephanie Lambley & Luke BishopInstagram @vegetarianculinarian   Vegan “beef” patties  Culleys burger sauce Lettuce  Burger buns  Vegan cheese  Gherkins    We made our own beef patty from blending then frying : 1 cup cooked brown rice  1 cup roasted walnuts  1/2 sautéed onion 1 tbsp chilli powder  1 tbsp paprika  1/2 tsp salt and pepper  1 tbsp brown sugar  1 1/2 cup cooked black...
  • Sriracha Jackfruit Black Bean Tacos

    Sriracha Jackfruit Black Bean Tacos
    By Stephanie Lambley & Luke BishopInstagram @vegetarianculinarian 1 can black beans  1 can sriracha jackfruit  1 sliced avocado  1 diced and seeded tomato  1 packet taco shells  Culleys sriracha mayo  Alpha sprouts  Coriander  Red Chilli  Heat jackfruit and beans in a pan. Prepare veg and warm tacos then assemble!! 🌮
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