• Buffalo Wings

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    Buffalo Wings
    Here's the recipe for my all time favourite ... BUFFALO WINGS! Makes me think of summer. Wing Marinade 1kg chicken nibbles3 Tbsp butter, melted4 Tbsp Culley's Hot Sauce (I Use Trinidad Scorpion I like it Hot!)1 Tbsp paprika (smoked is best)1/2 teaspoon salt1/4 teaspoon black pepper Marinade the chicken nibbles for 30mins and either bake in the oven or BBQ. Be sure to reserve...
  • Smoked Hickory Oysters

    Smoked Hickory Oysters
    A delish recipe from a great chef and friend of ours, Dan Pearson (Egg & Spoon Pop Up Restaurants)  Ingredients Shucked Clevedon oystersCulleys Smoked Hickory SauceStreaky baconWhite onionSea salt Method Grill bacon until crisp then cool and drain on paper towel.Slice white onion, roll in seasoned flour and shallow fry in oil until crisp. Also drain on paper towel.Chop both onion and bacon together...
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