Culley's Chipotle Hot Sauce
Descriptions Our top-performing, multi-award winning hot sauce, recently 2019 worlds best Chipotle sauce.  This medium-heat, authentic Mexican sauce combines sweet tomatoes, capsicum with dried and smoked jalapeno peppers for that traditional smokey flavour.  Awards:  - New York 2019 Hot Sauce Expo...
Culley's Verde Green Chile Hot Sauce
Descriptions Culley's Verde Green Chile is just like the green chile you love with bolder flavours and tangy tomatillos. This sauces brings a medium heat blending fresh green tomatillos and habaneros.  Ingredients  Green Capsicum, Tomatillo, Water, Sugar, Onions, Imitation White...
Culley's Hickory Hot Sauce
The founding member of our BBQ-style hot sauce family, this mild and smokey hickory sauce combines New Zealand grown habanero chillis with rich Hawkes Bay tomatoes. It's a real crowd-pleaser and the perfect addition to any meat or salad dressing. ...
Culley's Louisiana Habanero Hot Sauce
Description The namesake of Culley's favourite Chilli, the Habanero. This Louisiana style sauce blends the traditional fruity notes of the habanero chilli with hot charred pepper.  Crafted using New Zealand grown chillis, this fiery hot sauce has a delicious sharp, piquant...
1 review
Culley's Tropical Caribbean Hot Sauce
Culley's Tropical Caribbean Hot Sauce 1 review
Descriptions Culley's Tropical Caribbean hot sauce brings a medium heat and flavours from the tropics blended with perfection. A great everyday sauce with hints of mango, habanero, lemon, and coconut   Awards: Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards 2021 - Silver Ingredients...
Culley's Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce
Description This is Culley's hottest sauce available through mainstream retail channels. This sauce is not for the faint hearted. This is great with white fish and meat.     Ingredients: Carolina Reaper Chillies, Water, Salt, Sugar, Onion, Lime Juice, Acetic Acid...
Culley's Ghost Chilli Hot Sauce
Description One of Culley's originals; the Bhut Jolokia is fiery, very fragrant and fruity with a slight hint of citrus.  It well known with Indian style cuisine, particularly authentic curries, and also compliments meat, barbecues and tomato sauces. Ingredients Red Bell...
Culley's Fiery Sriracha Hot Sauce
This traditional Sriracha made with fermented chillies give this Hot Sauce it's an amazing depth of flavour. Perfect with any Asian dish, stir-fries, fried rice, dipping sauce, splash on steamed greens or any tofu dish. Ingredients: Red Jalapeno Chillies, Water,...
Culley's Chipotle Reaper Hot Sauce
Description Two Master Craftsmen: Chris Cullen (Head Sauceror from Culley's), and Smokin' Ed Currie (Mad Scientist & Chef from Puckerbutt Pepper Company, USA), have joined forces to create the world's finest hot sauce - The Carolina Reaper & Chipotle. Delicious,...
Culley's Thai Sweet Chilli Hot Sauce
Culley's classic Thai Sweet Chilli hot sauce. This is our take on the classic sweet chilli sauce using a blend of chillies and spices for a mildly warm, delicious versatile sauce. A mild crowd pleaser you cant go wrong. 150ml. 1/10...

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