Culley's Kitchen Ranch Style Dressing
Description Culley's Kitchen Ranch Style Dressing is a vegan, plant-based and gluten free dressing. It's a deliciously rich, creamy and tangy dressing with herbs and garlic. It's the perfect ranch to go with your Culley's BBQ King Pin Buffalo Wings. ...
Culley's Balsamic & Olive Oil Dressing
Description Culley's Balsamic and Olive Oil dressing is vegan, plant based and gluten free. Carefully handcrafted in Culley's kitchen this vinaigrette style sauce brings a touch of Italy to your meals. It's particularly great in a fresh summer salad.  Our...
Culley's Kitchen Classic Caesar Dressing 1 review
Description Culley's Kitchen Classic Caesar Dressing is a vegan, plant based, gluten free caesar dressing. This is our twist on the classic Caesar dressing use it in any salad to give it a little something extra. Our whole mayo and...
2 Reviews
No-Fish Sauce (Vegan Fish Sauce)
No-Fish Sauce (Vegan Fish Sauce) 2 Reviews
Culley's Kitchen 'No Fish Sauce' is a plant based, vegan & gluten free fish sauce (without the fish!). 'No Fish Sauce' is a sea-savoury sauce that is perfect to add to all of your favourite meals. This is particulary delicious...
2 reviews
Moroccan Style Harissa Sauce
Moroccan Style Harissa Sauce 2 reviews
Description Culley's delicious and amazing Moroccan Harissa. An authentic North African marinade perfect with Lamb, Chicken and vegetables. We use it in salad with Cous-Cous or chick peas. You will be the hit at any dinner party. Ingredients Charred Bell Peppers...

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