2 reviews
Moroccan Style Harissa Sauce
Moroccan Style Harissa Sauce 2 reviews
Description Culley's delicious and amazing Moroccan Harissa. An authentic North African marinade perfect with Lamb, Chicken and vegetables. We use it in salad with Cous-Cous or chick peas. You will be the hit at any dinner party. Ingredients Charred Bell Peppers...
2 Reviews
Culley's Liquid Hickory Smoke 150ml
Culley's Liquid Hickory Smoke 150ml 2 Reviews
Hickory-flavoured liquid smoke, perfect for adding a smokey flavour to BBQs and marinades. 150ml Ingredients: Artificial Hickory Smoke Flavour, Water, Citric Acid (Acidity Regulator), Caramel Colour

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