Culley's Sauce Assorted Sachet Box

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Assorted box of Culley's short dated sachets including: 

- 3x Peri Peri Sauce 120g (Best Before August 2020)

- 1x Peri Peri Sauce 100g (Best Before August 2020)

- 1x Chipotle Sauce 100g (Best Before August 2020)

- 1x Chipotle Sauce 75g (Best Before August 2020)

- 2x Chipotle Sauce 40g (Best Before March 2020)

- 2x Chipotle Sauce 50g (Best Before February 2020)

- 2x Chipotle Sauce 20g (Best Before August 2020)

- 3x Mango Sauce 100g (Best Before August 2020)

- 3x Tomatillo Sauce 150g (Best Before June 2020)

- 2x Tomatillo Sauce 25g (Best Before June 2020)

- 1x Tomatillo Sauce 50g (Best Before June 2020)

- 1x Mongolian Sauce 100g (Best Before July 2020)

- 2x Romesco Sauce 20g (Best Before March 2020)

- 2x Teriyaki Sauce 160g (Best Before June 2020)

- 2x Hoisin Sauce 50g (Best Before May 2020)

*note these sachets are either short dated or past their best before date* 


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