What is ‘Hot Box’?
A mystery box of goodies of XXX Hot products!

Chris Culley has been sampling some of the finest Hot Sauces, Wing Sauces, BBQ Sauces & Rubs as well as Candy and Snacks from around New Zealand and the World on his travels and food industry contacts to bring you a mystery box of all things XXX Hot.

Delivered in the first week of the month, your monthly Mystery ‘Hot Box’ subscription starts at only $17.50 for 1 bottle of Hot Sauce. Or from $40 you will get a Mystery ‘Hot Box’ of 3 Products made up of Hot Sauces, Salsa’s, Wing Sauce, BBQ Sauce or Rubs etc, delivered direct to your door anywhere in NZ.

Every month:

3 Products including delivery starting from only $40
1 Product including delivery starting from only $17.50


01_Beer Mock up 4_bottle_perspective view2


01_Beer Mock up 4_bottle_perspective view