Burns & McCoy Devorandum

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Scorpion and Reaper Peppers blended with shallots, pure cane sugar syrup, tart cherries, copious amounts of black peppercorn and finished with port wine. This sauce will have you coming back for more.  This sauce is extremely hot. 

Ingredients: Scorpion Peppers, Reaper Peppers, Tart Cherries, Rice Vinegar, Tart Cherry Juice, Fresh Shallots, Port Wine, Orange Blossom Honey, Pure Cane Sugar Syrup, Dried Cherries (Cherries, Sugar, Citric Acid), fresh Lemon Juice, Sea Salt, Fresh Orange Juice, Black Lampong Peppercorn. 

HEAT 10/10

5 fl oz. (148ml)

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