Piccalo Woodchips

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  • PREMIUM SMOKER WOOD CHIPS: As leaders in cold smoke and hot smoke cooking technology, Piccalo, brings you premium smokehouse flavors: all-natural extra fine wood chips. Try out new recipes & add flavor to your favorite meals & drinks with our wood chips for smoking gun! Piccalo offers flavors that will pair with beef, chicken, pork, big game, seafood, cheeses, vegetables, whiskey, cocktails and even desserts.
  • AMAZING GIFT FOR COOKS: OUR BBQ SMOKING WOOD CHIPS ignites and produce smoke quickly to create a delicate smokey flavor! Each flavor is color coded and labelled so all the hard work pairing the right wood for the job is done. Choose the best Piccalo premium all-natural smoker chips. For the ultimate grill guru and pit master they can develop their own mix using their favorite flavors. Creative cooks will love these fantastic smoking wood chips! It’s the perfect gift for any pit master
  • APPLE: smoker chips are a favorite among competitive grill masters, with its mild and fruity flavor. Recommended apple woodchips for smoker, for game, fish and poultry, it can be used in your Piccalo Smoking gun or soaked and sprinkled on your charcoal when grilling.
  • HICKORY is your bread and butter wood for your smoking gun. Piccalo hickory chips for smoking are the classic hardwood for real “BBQ” perfect for any cut of beef and pork - from ribs to butt and everything in between. For us, Our Hickory is the Gold Standard for smoke wood chips ! Creative cooks will love this fantastic hickory wood chips for smokers, cold smoker, smoker gun and hand held smoker
  • CHERRY: CRAFT YOUR WHISKY COCKTAILS WITH CONFIDENCE. Our cherry wood smoking chips have a rich deeper fruit flavor, making it a favorite for smoke infuser for cocktails, cocktails whisky & gin. PEAR: bbq woodchips for grilling are a mild variety similar to apple. Matching perfectly with seafood and delicate cuts as well as pork and ribs

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