Crumbed Mushroom Burgers

Crumbed Mushroom Burgers

By Xzadia Johnson

Instagram - @ChefXzadz



-  Large mushrooms
-  1 1/4 cups flour
-  1 tbsp corn starch / cornflour
-  1 tbsp Culley’s ghost pepper hot sauce
-  1 bottle of beer
-  1 tsp salt
-  1 tsp garlic powder
-  1/2 tsp paprika
-  2 cups panko breadcrumbs
-  1 tbsp sesame seeds optional
-  Oil
-  Burger buns
-  Toppings of your choice

-  Condiments: e.g. Culley’s garlic aioli and ketchup


  1. Mix flour, corn starch, salt, garlic powder, paprika together in a bowl then whisk in hot sauce and beer. Mix well until a pancake batter like consistency is formed.

  2. Combine breadcrumbs and sesame seeds in a bowl.

  3. Using a fork, dip mushrooms into batter and cover completely. Shake

    off excess and repeat into panko mix.

  4. Add oil to a pan and heat until simmering, add breaded mushrooms

    and cook until golden brown.

  5. Once cooked, place onto paper towel to remove excess oil.

  6. Serve with chosen burger ingredients, and enjoy!


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